Keep your dog or cat safe with a pet life jacket

Keep your dog or cat safe with a pet life jacket

Do pets need buoyancy aids? Yes!

It's important to consider pet safety if you live on or near the water, or spend a lot of time walking near rivers, canals, lakes and sea. Most dogs are reasonable swimmers and enjoy a paddle: breeds like Irish Water Spaniels and Newfoundlands are exceptional swimmers and bred for the water. A few even have webbed paws. However, even the strongest canine swimmers will tire quickly trying to make headway against a modest tide or running stream. In choppy waters they may become disorientated if they cannot see you. Dogs (and cats) can also fall or slip off the towpath or boat, or encounter rising water levels, suddenly finding themselves in danger. Cats are not natural swimmers and many dislike getting wet.

Starting from just £29, pet buoyancy aides help your pet stay afloat in most conditions and stay cool or warm depending on the season. Soft, flexible and tear-resistant, Baltic life jackets for pets provide peace of mind when your furry friend is around water, and should last for years. Just like a human’s one, it must be the right size and buoyancy for comfort, freedom and mobility. Features include reflectors, insulation, quick-fasten clips, D-ring for a lead and strong lifting handle. Whether they jump in or topple in, they'll be able to stay afloat and swim if they can.

Weigh your pet for the safest fit:

Under 3kg Extra Small In stock
3-8kg Small In stock
8-15kg Medium In stock
15-40kg Large In stock
40kg+ Extra Large In stock


Introduce the jacket gradually to ensure your pet gets used to wearing one. Be patient and maybe have some treats ready.

Finally, always have a plan to recover your dog or cat from the water, bearing in mind you could be miles from land. Retrieving a terrier may be fairly easy, but a 140-pound Newfoundland will be challenging!

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