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The top-selling Whaly is an incredibly durable plastic rotomolded boat, in a choice of nine sizes. To create your bespoke boat, please complete the form below and we will get back to you with a quote. The almost indestructible Whaly is also an ideal fleet craft, used by boat hire companies, watersports clubs and search and rescue teams.

For fleet enquires, please email details of your requirements.

Features of Whaly Boats

Whaly boats offer plenty of boating fun at affordable prices. These extremely sturdy, double-walled boats are manufactured entirely out of plastic (Polyethylene), so they are low-maintenance, have spacious interiors and are very safe.

Whaly boats are:

  • Affordable-Durable, 100% Recyclable. Roto-moulded Polyethylene Craft
  • Perfect as a family leisure boat, workboat, or for safety, rescue, fishing, diving etc.
  • Seriously tough, versatile and need little or no maintenance
  • Available in nine sizes and choice of UV stable colours, from 2.10m to the 5.00m, there is something for everyone
  • Sleekly designed, combining comfort with stability.

Made from Polyethylene

Whaly boats are made from polyethylene, making them:

Impact-resistant. We'll go as far as to say that polyethylene boats are virtually indestructible in the normal course of recreational boating. Smash into a rock jetty, much less a piling, and a polyethylene boat will just bounce right off. Whack the hull sides with a sledgehammer or axe and there's zero effect.

Mouldable into all kinds of shapes, so like fiberglass boats, they can have hulls with complex shapes and compound curves; decks can have moulded-in compartments; and large accessories like seat bases or consoles can also be moulded.

Easy to maintain. Waxing and polishing are maintenance chores of the past when you own a plastic boat. A scrub brush and soapy water is all you'll ever need to get the boat looking as ship-shape as possible.

Finally, Polyethylene boats are often considered more environmentally friendly than fiberglass, since they can be 100% recycled.