Jobs for January

Jobs for January

Unpredictable UK weather means we can get very warm springs. You want your boat ready and waiting for use, especially as this year Easter weekend falls at the end of March.

Jobs for January:

  • If you haven’t got round to it, frost protect your engine and water systems against harsh temperatures. When water turns to ice internally, this can damage vital components when expanding.
  • Now is the time to book in your big repair jobs. Boatyards tend to be quieter and you can focus on work that will upgrade your boat, prolong its life, minimise breakdowns and keep it looking good. For example, fit new heads, improve the galley area, get that spaghetti junction of wiring sorted out – all the time consuming jobs you want done so you get the best use of your boat when the warmer weather comes.
  • It’s also a good time to do any “out of water” jobs like stern drive servicing to ensure that any issues are picked up on and rectified before the rush. Check your propellers and cutlass bearings ahead of the season. Did you know we can arrange propeller refurbishing? This can sometimes take a couple of weeks to turnaround, and you may not have time for this during high season, resulting in a costly replacement as opposed to repair.
  • Sort out your spares (and emergency spares). If you're short of any maintenance parts, oil, lube, docklines, filters, etc., order them now, because there's nothing more frustrating than being delayed or stranded. 
  • Clean your bilges! Nobody enjoys this job, but nobody wants a smelly boat either. It’s a really good way to see if you have any problems with your engine and stops aromas of old fuel and mouldy water. If you need to do a little engine TLC in the summer, you don’t want oily bilge water on your Orca Bays!

Beat the spring rush, get to the front of the queue and be ready for that first trip on the water. We hate to say it, but failing to prepare is preparing to fail.

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