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Volvo Penta

VOLVO Penta VCS Yellow Anti-freeze Concentrated Coolant 5Ltr

VOLVO Penta VCS Yellow Anti-freeze Concentrated Coolant 5Ltr

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Coolant, like engine oil is important to keep vital engine parts running and free from damage. The use of coolant in the engine prevents the cooling system from boiling and damaging key parts of the engine, while during the colder months prevents the liquid from freezing. For these reasons, it’s important to keep your coolant levels correct and regular coolant changes based on manufacturer guidelines.



Coolant in engines will extend the running life and prevent damage and downtime caused by mineral deposits and increased wear and tear. 

Service Lfe: VCS Yellow Anti-freeze Concentrate is 4yrs

If your not sure what your engine needs, check with your owner’s manual or contact us.  

Suitable for the following Volvo Penta engine / transmission types:
V8-380-CA, V8-380-CB, V8-380-CE-A, V8-270-A, V8-300-A, V8-320-A, V8-270-EA, V8-300-EA, V8-320-EA, V8-270-CA, V8-225-CA, V8-300-CA, V8-320-CA, V8-270-CE-A, V8-225-CE-A, V8-300- CE-A, V8-320-CE-A, V8-350-CE-D, V8-380-CE-D, V8-430-CE-D, V8-270-B, V8-300-B, V8- 320-B, V8-270-EB, V8-300-EB, V8-320-EB, V8-270-CB, V8-225-CB, V8-300-CB, V8-320-CB, V8-270- CE-B, V8-225-CE-B, V8-300-CE-B, V8-320-CE-B, V8-350-CD, V8-380-CD, V6-200-CG, V6-240- CG, V6-280-CG, V6-240-CE-G, V6-280-CE-G, V8-300-CG, V8-350-CG, V8-300-CH, V8-350-CH, V8- 300-CE-G, V8-350-CE-G, V8-300-CE-H, V8-350-CE-H, V8-380-CJ, V8-430-CJ, V8-430-CK, V8- 380-CK, V8-430-CM, V8-380-CM, V8-380-CE-J, V8-430-CE-J, V8-380-CE-K, V8-430-CE-K, V8- 380-CE-M, V8-430-CE-M, V6-200-G, V6-240-G, V6-280-G, V6-200-CJ, V6-240-CJ, V6-280-CJ, V6-200-CM, V6-240-CM, V6-280-CM, V6-240-CE-J, V6-280-CE-J, V6-280-CE-K, V6-240-CE-K, V6-240-CE-M, V6-280-CE-M, V6-200-J, V6-240-J, V6-280-J, V6-200-M, V6-240-M, V6-280- M, V8-300-CJ, V8-3 50-CJ, V8-300-CK, V8-350-CK, V8-300-CM, V8-350-CM, V8-300-CE-J, V8-350-CE-J, V8-300-CE- K, V8-350-CE-K, V8-300-CE-M, V8-350-CE-M


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