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JABSCO Impeller kit 18653-0001-P

JABSCO Impeller kit 18653-0001-P

Ref: CL18653-0001P

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Jabsco 18653-0001 Neoprene Flexible Impeller Kit

Material Neoprene Impeller with Brass insert

Primary Construction Neoprene
Suitable For Beta Marine|Kubota|Nanni|Vetus
Impeller Shaft Diameter 12mm
Number of Impeller Blades 10
Profile I
Diameter Description 51mm (2"), Shaft: 12mm (5/32")
Drive Type Description Slotted Shaft Pin Drive
Model 18653-0001
Replaces Jabsco 18653-0001 and Johnson 810B Impeller
Depth 22mm (7/8")

Jabsco 18653-0001-P Neoprene Impeller fits the following Jabsco Pumps:

29410-1101, 29440-1001, 29440-1051, 29440-1101, 29440-1201, 29460-1001, 29460-1101, 29460-1201, 29460-1251, 29460-1301, 29460-1401, 29460-1431, 29460-1631, 29460-1701, 29460-2231, 29460-2501, 29470-1101, 29470-1231, 29470-1231C, 29470-2031, 29470-2031C, 29470-2131, 29470-2131C, 29470-2201C, 29470-2231, 29470-2231C,29470-2301, 29470-2301C, 29470-2331, 29470-2331C, 29470-2351, 29470-2351C, 29470-2431, 29470-2531, 29470-2531C, 29480-2031, 29480-2031C, 29480-2131, 29480-2151, 29480-2231, 29480-2231C, 29480-2431, 29490-2001C, 52020-2001, 52020-2031 & 52020-2051.

The Jabsco 18653-0001-P neoprene impeller replaces the Jabsco 18653-0001 impeller and the Johnson 810B impeller.

The Jabsco 18653-0001-P flexible impeller has 10 impeller blades, a slotted shaft pin drive and is supplied as an impeller kit, with fixing screw, gaskets, O-ring and lubricant.

Jabsco neoprene flexible impellers are used for pumping fresh or salt water, neoprene impellers are the most commonly used material and is suitable for use where only small amounts of oil or diesel fuel are present.

Jabsco impellers are subjected to rigorous quality processes to ensure reliable, efficient and long lasting performance.

You should replace your flexible pump impellers at least once every year or sooner depending on use. When the installation is correct an impeller may last for several years, but it is always advisable to stick to a schedule of preventative rather than corrective maintenance.

This Impeller has an I profile.


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