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Marinepool 100N Freedom Foam Buoyancy Aid Vest

Marinepool 100N Freedom Foam Buoyancy Aid Vest

Ref: MT5000591

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Marinepool 100N ISO Freedom Foam Buoyancy Aid Vest Lifejacket 40-60kg

A Budget priced life jacket of the 100N class. Good buoyancy due to divided compartments.

  • Flat Collar
  • Zipper
  • Tie-cords top and seat
  • Crutch strap
  • Reflective stripes
  • CE certified and conforms to European standard EN 395-100N.
  • Size:  40-60kg.

Part No: 5000591

What is the difference between a life vest and a buoyancy vest?

  • Buoyancy aids will help keep you afloat, but you must still tread water to keep your head above the surface. Life jackets will automatically keep your head above the water regardless of whether you fall into the water headfirst and unconscious.

A 100N personal flotation devices (PFD) provides a minimum of 10kg of buoyancy per lifejacket. This level of lifejacket is intended for use in sheltered and calm waters. 100N does not have the sufficient buoyancy to protect a person in rough waters and it will not turn the wearer so that they are safe.






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