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Tetrion Moisture Mate Absorber 400g

Tetrion Moisture Mate Absorber 400g

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Tetrion Moisture Mate helps keep unwanted moisture under control reducing the risk of condensation, damp, mildew & unpleasant smells. Tetrion Moisture Mate is ideal for areas around the house, caravan and  boats. If unchecked, moisture in the air can lead to serious problems, Tetrion Moisture Mate provides a simple, safe way to reduce such problems.

Good to Know:

  • Helps protect against condensation, damp & mildew
  • Lid seals crystals safely inside
  • Stable base with carrying handles

How to Use:

  • Remove the bag of Calcium Chloride crystals from the base of the product
  • Separate the two sections of the lid
  • Replace the bottom section of the lid and sprinkle the crystals onto it, making sure they are evenly spread
  • Wipe away any excess crystals and replace the top section of the lid
  • Your Tetrion Moisture Mate is now ready for use


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