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Volvo Penta

Volvo Penta Magnesium Anode for Splash Shield (3857858)

Volvo Penta Magnesium Anode for Splash Shield (3857858)

Ref: VP3857858

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A Volvo Penta Magnesium Anode is used as a sacrificial anode in cathodic protection, fighting corrosion effectively and economically. It is an essential anti-corrosion tool.

Magnesium anodes are ideal for use when protecting your motor or outdrive in freshwater rivers or lakes.

Volvo Penta No: 3857858


  • Ensures efficient engine operation and performance
  • Volvo Penta genuine part
  • Manufactured by Volvo Penta
  • Built to original factory specifications
  • Genuine Volvo Penta parts and accessories are covered by our standard 12 month warranty
  • Weight 0.600g
  • Volvo Penta No. 3857858

Compatible with the Following Volvo Penta Engine:


Type of Water:

  • Saltwater - Zinc
  • Brackish - Aluminium
  • Freshwater - Magnesium

The specifications are, in certain cases, more stringent than any other marine materials standards in the world. If 50% or more of the anode has been eaten away by corrosion it must be replaced in order to, once more, fulfil its vital function.

Never Jeopardize saftey and performance by fitting a non-genuine anode. Remember to never paint over the anodes.

Zinc and aluminum anodes will if left in freshwater become covered with white oxide which effectively passivate the anode, zinc anodes suffer a similar problem even in brackish water.

If the anode becomes passive, the drive will start to sacrifice itself, this will cause serious damage. Magnesium anodes will wear off much to fast in saltwater.

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