Five reasons the Whaly boat is a top seller

Five reasons to get a Whaly boat

Introduced to the UK 15 years ago from the Netherlands, the Whaly is an incredibly durable rotomolded boat made from Polyethylene (HDPE). This popular plastic craft is affordable, reliable and tough, yet comfortable, spacious and sleek. If you’re looking for an adrenalin-loving boat for life, check out Whaly’s top five features here.

1. Versatility

Whaly is often seen as a utility boat, but it is equally ideal as a workboat, safety boat, patrol boat, coaching boat, fishing boat, harbour master, yacht tender or a family recreational boat. With a current choice of nine sizes, models range in length from 2.1m to 5m and four feature the popular drop bow door. The Pro (‘R’) models (from 4.35m to 5m) boast an extra layer of bubbled – or aerated – HDPE shot into the mould, increasing the hull thickness and rigidity. The Whaly Pros are primed to serve as rescue boats, with engine power of up to 80HP and 12-person capacity.

2. Customisation

Building your bespoke Whaly is part of the fun. One-piece and double-walled, the hull is imported as a blank canvas. Individual dealers then use Whaly manufactured accessories to meet your specification; options include steering consoles, bench seats (boxes), light bars, bow rails, cushion sets and bimini covers. As for the colouring in part, Whaly boats range from classic white to vibrant yellow, and all are UV stabilised to limit fading.

3. Virtually unsinkable and indestructible

Brutal conditions and water hazards are expertly handled by a Whaly boat. It shrugs off rocks and will even defy a sledgehammer and cliff drop, as seen in this video. Virtually unsinkable and incredibly resilient, it barely shows any scratches or scuffs even when battered. After a downpour or in choppy waters, the self-draining feature on 400, 455 and 500 models keeps the interior base dry without the need for a pump. A Whaly also requires minimal maintenance (a soapy hose down will do) meaning more time on the water and less time cleaning.

4. Safety

Besides its sporty appeal, the Whaly’s strength and stability are world class, making it safe for the whole crew. CE-certified and meeting Directive 2013/53/EU Safety Requirements, its credentials provide peace of mind and reassurance, not just for boat or fishing enthusiasts but for boat hire businesses, water sports schools, professional rescue teams and emergency services.

5. Sustainability

Whether you’re on the river, lake or cruising the coast, your unsinkable Whaly will be a boat for life. It’s also 100% recyclable so can be repurposed sustainably when necessary. Dealers fit different engine brands to suit your needs and budget: at Lindon Lewis Marine we will power your Whaly adventures with a quality Yamaha, Mercury, Mariner, Tohatsu or EPropulsion engine and accessories.

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