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Marine 16

Marine 16 Diesel Bug Treatment 100ml

Marine 16 Diesel Bug Treatment 100ml

Ref: M16DBT100

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Our diesel bug treatment disperses into both the water and fuel phases in your tank and will remain sufficiently active for over a year at both high and low temperatures. Marine 16's Diesel Bug Treatment is the fuel treatment of choice for the RNLI and The Royal Marines.

Diesel Bug Treatment is exactly what the product says. Our diesel bug treatment is a biocide blend formulated especially for preventing or eradicating the fuel spoilage organisms known collectively as diesel bug.

Marine 16 Ltd fuel products were first developed under our automotive chemicals business. Since the sale of that business we have further refined them to suit the changing needs of the marine sector.
We do not use our boats in the same way people use cars. Boat use is often infrequent and there is usually a winter lay-up. This intermittent use is what causes most problems with diesel fuels.
There are two routes to fuel problems; diesel bug and fuel degradation. Diesel bug, the generic term for a variety of spoilage organisms, occurs at the fuel/water interface in still diesel. This used to be just the surface area of the bottom of the tank but now, with biodiesel around, the body of the fuel contains micelles of fuel/water/surfactant and the surface area for diesel bug growth expands by orders of magnitude. In the worst case it is possible to get 30% un-burnable fuel in six weeks. Biodiesel also has a shelf life of only six months.

Diesel bug can be prevented by the use of a biocide. It need only be added in tiny amounts but it does the job. Our Diesel Bug Treatment prevents growth in both the water and fuel phases. Many of our competitors use enzymes to remove some proteins that diesel bug grows on and alcohols to take up the water. The enzymes are very brittle and die easily; they are also killed by even small amounts of biocide that may have been added to the fuel before you buy it. The alcohols take water through your engine, which actually does a bit of a cleaning job, but when you leave it the water drops out in your fuel system and pumps and can lead to corrosion. The fuel that gets down into your crank case contains water and alcohol. The alcohol breaks down lubricants and the water causes emulsions and corrosion. Add to this the build-up of emulsion blocking your injectors and you can see why we do not make enzyme products.

By increasing the amount of our Diesel Bug Treatment added to the fuel we can also kill any diesel bug that may be present without causing problems in your tank.

The second problem area is fuel degradation. The higher fractions of the fuel gas off on storage and cetane values drop. This, combined with running at lower revs to conserve fuel usage, ends up with dirty injectors. This in turn gives poor economy, poor starting and smoking.

Our Diesel Fuel Complete combats all of these problems. As well as containing sufficient diesel bug treatment to prevent bug growth our Diesel Fuel Complete contains extra lubricant to cover the loss due to low sulphur diesels, cetane improvers to cover the loss with time, demulsifiers to drop water out of the fuel and prevent injector sticking due to emulsion build-up, anti-oxidants to prevent corrosion and a cleaner that will reduce fuel system deposits to zero.

The cleaning of injectors means that your engine will start when you need it. It will also always be running at maximum power availability or fuel economy, not just for the period immediately after servicing!

This increase in fuel economy on average covers the cost of buying the product. So there you have engine and fuel protection for free!


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