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HEMPEL Classic Antifouling Paint (71220) 2.5L (30390 -True Blue)

HEMPEL Classic Antifouling Paint (71220) 2.5L (30390 -True Blue)

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Hempel Classic 71220 antifouling (30390-True Blue) is an efficient polishing (erodible) antifouler providing good protection all season. Antifouling for boats of glass fibre, wood, plywood and steel.

  • Do not use on aluminium or other light-alloy metals
  • Risk of corrosion in case of direct contact
  • Suitable for cruising speeds
  • Minimum application temperature: 5°C
  • Cover: 12.5 -Per 2-Litre
  • Application Method – Airless Spray / Brush / Roller

Hempel Classic Antifouling True Blue

How long does antifoul paint last?

  • How often you use your boat can impact the lifespan of the antifouling used. Antifoul on boats used regularly will last around 10-12 months, however, if your boat isn't used for extended periods and is sat on a mooring this will reduce to around 8-10 months before the hull becomes excessively fouled.


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