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QUICKSILVER Performance 4-Stroke Outboard Oil (92-8M0086220)

QUICKSILVER Performance 4-Stroke Outboard Oil (92-8M0086220)

Ref: MA92-8M0086220

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QUICKSILVER Performance 4-Stroke Outboard Oil - 1 Liter Plastic Bottle

Part NO: 92-8M0086220




QUICKSILVER  4 stroke marine engine oil gives super corrosion and wear protection, and is the most recommended OEM marine engine oil. Specially formulated for 4-stroke outboard engines to give maximum protection and reduce emissions.

Continued use will maintain peak engine performance/reliability and eliminate thermal breakdown under extreme RPM, temperatures and loads. It will also help reduce wear, scuffing and scoring, prevent the formation of rust and sludge, and inhibit the formulation of unwanted damaging foam.

SAE 10W-30 outperforms automotive oils in marine applications due to specialised additive package for marine engines. Using this oil will not void manufacturers' warranties.

Product code: 92-858058QB1

Outboards typically operate at 5000-6000 RPM at wide-open throttle, almost twice as fast as 4-Stroke automobile engines.
Normal automotive lubricants are not formulated to handle these speeds.

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