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QUICKSILVER Storage Seal Fogging Oil

QUICKSILVER Storage Seal Fogging Oil

Ref: MA92-8M0121972

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QUICKSILVER Storage Seal Fogging Oil highly recommended for use in preparing your boat for the winter months.

Part No: 92-8M0121972

Winterising your boat is an extremely effective way to not only protect your boat from damage but also to maintain the boat to increase its lifespan.It need not cost the earth but its’ well worth the effort.

QUICKSILVER Storage Seal Fogging Oil helps prevent rust and corrosion during storage. It can also be helpful in other situations, such as when an engine will be out of commission for an extended period.

It also keeps cylinders lubricated to prevent cylinder or piston damage when starting your engine after storage.

Designed for inboard and outboard engines (treats four-stroke and conventional two-stroke engines)

Size: 12 oz/340g

QUICKSILVER Storage Seal Fogging Oil - Part No: 92-8M0121972


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