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SEAGO Automatic Re-arming Life Jacket Kit 33gram

SEAGO Automatic Re-arming Life Jacket Kit 33gram

Ref: OSLIF2880

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Seago Re-Arming Kits are the genuine spares for Seago Lifejackets and ensure maximum security.

Fitting the correct size cylinder and the correct brand of activator to your lifejacket or safety equipment is essential.  Please refer to your owners manual to ensure you choose the right kit for your activation system.

Kit No:  4

  • Inflation Type:  33g Automatic
  • Brand:  UML
  • Compatible With:  150n to 175n (In lifejacket terms the 'N' indicates how much buoyancy is offered)

**Seago Re-Arming Kits must be used to validate the Seago warranty**

Re Arm and Inspection available, for more information please call us on 01932 247427 or email

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