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WAVELINE Automatic Kids Life Jacket with Harness 150N RED 15-40kg

WAVELINE Automatic Kids Life Jacket with Harness 150N RED 15-40kg


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The Waveline Junior Lightweight 150N ISO Auto Life Jacket is ideal life vest for children when out on a boat or near water

  • Buoyancy: 150N
  • CO2 Cylinder: 24grams - Rearming Service Available Instore - Please ask for details
  • Inflation: Automatic with Manual Overide Toggle
  • Suitable Weight: 15-40kg
  • Chest Size: 46-90cm
  • Harness: Yes
  • Leg Strap: Yes
  • Storage Bag: Yes
  • Velcro closure cover
  • EN 1095 Deck Safety Harness
  • Warranty: 5 years


How do you know if a lifejacket is sized correctly?

  • To see if your lifejacket fits properly, lift your arms above your head. The chest portion of the jacket should not touch your chin when you look left, right or over your shoulder. If the jacket passes this test, it most likely fits.
  • A snug fit - The child's chin and ears won't slip through a properly fitting jacket. Do NOT buy a jacket that is too large, hoping the child will grow into it. Children come in many sizes and shapes. If a lifejacket style does not work well, try another one.

What is the difference between a lifejacket and a buoyancy aid?

  • Buoyancy aids will help keep you afloat, but you must still tread water to keep your head above the surface.
  • Lifejackets will automatically keep your head above the water, regardless of whether you fall into the water headfirst and/or unconscious.
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