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1KW 11" Vertical Immersion Heater Element (9-10215)

1KW 11" Vertical Immersion Heater Element (9-10215)

Ref: AF9-10215

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1KW 11" Element Vertical

Part No: 9-10215

See also: Horizontal immersion heater element

Immersion heater designed for unvented hot water systems using hot water storage calorifers, as found in boats (includng canal boats), caravans, camper vans, horseboxes and chalets.

Allows production of hot water from a 240V shore line or hookup, or an on-board genset.The low power enables the heater to operate from the limited power supple available with many landline or shoreline hook ups in marinas and campsites.

These heaters will typically be inserted across the diameter of the tank, low down, not placed in the top of the tank pointing downwards (such heaters generally being much longer length)

These immersion heaters have 'Incaloy 800 Elements and Dual Thermostats' which is a legal requirement on unvented systems. The first thermostat is the 'control' stat (adjustable) the second thermostat is a 'safety cut out' which turns off the heater in the event of the first one stat failing and causing boiling. If this 2nd stat operates it stays off and must be manually reset after the problem has been resolved.

Standard 2.1/4" BSP thread, fits all most calorifer range and many other domestic and leisure vehical cylinders. Complete with neoprene 'O' ring seal. Weight is approx 554kg

Product code: 9-10215

Manufactrer SKU: ADHTA128

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