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INTERNATIONAL Woodskin Oil/Varnish Treatment (Natural Teak-YVC316/750)

INTERNATIONAL Woodskin Oil/Varnish Treatment (Natural Teak-YVC316/750)

Ref: VSYVC316/750

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Woodskin is a one-component oil varnish hybrid which provides a natural looking semi-gloss finish. The microporous technology enables the wood to breathe. Woodskin is easy to apply and really penetrates into the grain providing a more flexible coating.

Good to know:

  • Its natural Teak colour showcases the beauty of any wood.
  • Suitable for use on all types of wood, including oily woods such as teak and iroko.
  • No Need to sand between coats; will not crack or flake.

Woodskin is a flexible wood oil/varnish hybrid that acts like a skin for your wood. Microporous properties allows it to breathe with your wood; tiny holes let the paint film expand and contract but are small enough to repel water – the cause of mould and mildew.

Very easy to apply; no need to thin or sand between coats. With good flow and levelling, Woodskin dries to a subtle, translucent sheen. Woodskin penetrates deep into your wood, leaving a thin surface film that will not crack or flake. Minimal maintenance requirements, simply clean and reapply season after season.



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