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Kingfisher Swedish Rope Splicing Fiddle (Spike or Fid) Small

Kingfisher Swedish Rope Splicing Fiddle (Spike or Fid) Small


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A high quality wood and stainless steel Swedish fid that is perfect for splicing ropes with a tapered end to slide between strands, allowing the strands of the splicing rope to be moved underneath.

Small Swedish Fid

Made in Sweden, this high quality stainless steel fid has a wooden handle and is 175mm in length. This can be used to splice ropes up to 16mm diameter and works by inserting in to the lay of the rope and then feeding a strand through the hollow opening you have created.

A great tool that helps to make perfect splices.

Swedish Splicing fids available in small (175mm long) and large (270mm long) ideal for splicing 3strand and 8strand ropes.

How do I choose a fid size?

  • The "fid length" for a rope is calculated as 21 times the rope diameter. As the rope diameter increases, so does the fid length.


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