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MERCRUISER Aluminium Anode Plate (97-821630Q1)

MERCRUISER Aluminium Anode Plate (97-821630Q1)

Ref: ME97-821630Q1

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MERCRUISER Aluminium Anode Plate

Part No: 97-821630Q1

An aluminium anode helps protect metal underwater – such as the prop shaft and the engine – from electrolytic corrosion. Using a sacrificial anode, made from a weaker metal than your boat components, are designed to corrode instead of your boat. They are fitted usually with bolts or bonded to the desired part of the boat.

  • Ensures efficient engine operation and performance
  • Built to original factory specifications
  • Easy to inspect and easy to replace.
  • Cast from high quality aluminum
  • Weight 0.500g
  • Part No. 97-821630Q1
  • Secures to the bottom of your Alpha One Gen II Drive, drive shaft housing

Type of Water:

  • Saltwater - Zinc
  • Brackish - Aluminium
  • Freshwater - Magnesium

Compatible with Mercruiser Bravo1, Bravo1X, Bravo2, Bravo2X, Bravo3 and Bravo3X

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