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Odourlos Holding Tank Treatment Concentrate 1 litre

Odourlos Holding Tank Treatment Concentrate 1 litre

Ref: VSCW530

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100% organic and biodegradable concentrated chemical to eliminate toliet odour

Odourlos Holding Tank Treatment - 1 litre

A blend of enzymes, friendly bacteria and surfactants to break down waste in marine holding tanks.


  • Eliminates holding tank odours completely
  • Breaks down waste and tissue
  • Safe for any black water tank system
  • Safe for chemically sensitive people
  • Odourlos is non-staining and 100% organic and biodegradable

Essential in preparing your boat for the winter. Please note Odourlos is not intended to replace antifreeze in your sanitation system and holding tank, but to prevent offending odours from developing in your boat during storage.

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