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PAR Max 1 pressure controlled pump 12v

PAR Max 1 pressure controlled pump 12v

Ref: XY42630-3512-3C

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Par Max 1 pressure controlled pump 12v 12 volt d.c.

Connections: - for (3/8") 10mm or 13mm (½") bore hose

Dimensions: - 165mm long, 103mm wide, 68mm high

Fuse Size: 4 (not included)(amp)

Output: - 3.8 litres/minute (1 gallons/minute) open flow

PRESSURE SWITCH - cuts in at 1.5bar (22psi) - cuts out at 2.4bar (35psi)

Efficient, self-priming pump serving 1 outlet Double-diaphragm design self primes to 1.8m vertical lift, can run dry without damage

EPDM/Santoprene elastomers

IPX4 - 0C - 43C temperature range ISO 8846 Ignition Protected Packaged

Dimensions: L:13.00 x H:15.00 x W:24.00cm

Actual Weight: 0.79 Kg (Approx. 1.09 Kg packed)

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