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QUICKSILVER Outboard Grease Gun (91-37299Q2)

QUICKSILVER Outboard Grease Gun (91-37299Q2)

Ref: MA91-37299Q2

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Quicksilver Outboard Grease Gun - (One handed)

Part No: 91-37299Q2

A grease gun serves as a valuable tool used to lubricate various mechanical components, ensuring smooth operation and extending the lifespan of your equipment.

Quicksilver one handed Grease Gun is designed for quick grease jobs, (squeeze tubes not included). Fits into zinc die-cast body for easy dispensing and includes a flexible high pressure hose with grease fitting.

The Quicksilver  portable grease gun is for use with 8oz tubes of 2-4-C or Extreme Grease. ·

The set includes: 

  • Squeeze grip gun
  • Tube attachment fitting
  •  Flexible grease feed tube

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