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Tohatsu Maintenance Kit for MFS40/50A

Tohatsu Maintenance Kit for MFS40/50A

Ref: TU3KY-87500-0

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Maintenance Kit for MFS40/50/60A (SI)

Maintenance kit Tohatsu 3KY-87500-0 for:

  • MFS40A
  • MFS50A
  • MFS60A


  • Gasket 8.1-15-1[x2]Part Number: 332-60006-0
  • Key φ20-4.6-2[x1] Part Number: 332-65022-0
  • Anode[x1]Part Number: 3B7-60218-1
  • Oil Filter[x1]Part Number: 3BJ-07615-0
  • Water Pump Impeller[x1]Part Number: 3C8-65021-2
  • Water Pump Guide Plate[x1]Part Number: 3C8-65025-0
  • Guide Plate Gasket[x1]Part Number: 3C8-65029-2
  • Thermostat Cap Gasket[x1]Part Number: 3KY-01032-0
  • Anode[x2]Part Number: 3KY-60218-0
  • Anode[x3]Part Number: 3P0-60218-0
  • Washer 14.5-24-1[x][Part Number: 3R3-07406-0
  • O-Ring 1.9-13[x3]Part Number: 3T5-10046-0
  • Pump Case Liner[x1]Part Number: 3T5-65011-0
  • Pump Case Gasket[x1]Part Number: 3T5-65018-2
  • Split Pin 3-25[x1]Part Number: 951503-0325
  • Spark Plug (DCPR6E)[x3]Part Number: 9701-1-1121


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